Here is a look at our first Living Black Genius program, in partnership with Rathburn Area Youth Project (RAY) and funded by ArtReach Toronto!
All things come to an end but we had an incredible time partnering with Rathburn Area Youth Porject (RAY) for the Living Black Genius (LBG) program, funded by ArtReach. Led by Amanda Nicholls, Natasha Adiyana Morris, and Deniis Langley, we're so happy to expanded our programming to work with youth because we luv the kids!

Living Black Genius hosted eight guest Black Canadian facilitators from artistic, entrepreneurial and political professions that are often 'invisible' in our society. We provide living role-models to balance out Black History figures, which tend to be overwhelmingly from African American history and several generations removed from youth. The program also included trips to shows including Up the Garden path produced by Obsidian Theatre and Black Men in Theatre, produced by PIECE OF MINE Festival.