Straight Outta Stratford Trip. Supported by ArtReach, RAY, Laidlaw Foundation and Toronto Arts Council.
ArtReach intern Cassey Andrews wrote an reflective article on our Living Black Genius program, in partnership with Rathburn Area Youth Project (RAY). The funding body, along with Toronto Arts Council, has been crucial to getting the program off the ground. Thank you for the feature! #IAmArtReach

Read the full article HERE.

Living Black Genius is a program designed to illuminate the living Black Canadian geniuses of today. Created out of the necessity for adequate representations of Black Canadian role models beyond the minimal depiction in the media, Natasha, the founder of Living Black Genius, explained, “the stereotype would be a rapper, musician, entertainer, or athlete … when we asked the kids in our program who a Black Canadian role model (was), we got blank stares – and Drake.”

“When (we) think Canadian, (we) must think all Canadians.  Especially if you’re a Black Canadian, you want to be represented in your country.”

With youths’ aspirations tied to these scarce representations, it was vital to the LBG team to fill in the narrative.  Natasha told us, “When (we) think Canadian, (we) must think all Canadians.  Especially if you’re a Black Canadian, you want to be represented in your country.”  So, the team took on the task of broadening the spectrum.  The program, which happens twice a week, has brought in a variety of professionals, “we wanted there to be a mixed bag (of professionals), because some are going to speak more to others than others”.



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According to Abraham Lincolm..."Achievement has no color". Each and everyone of us must learn to value and respect each other. Whether we are black or white, american, canadian, european or asian, we should acknowledge each other and unite as one. Helping each other grow, will make our world a better place to live in for our children. We should appreciate what others can do.

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I think this page is really very amazing and wonderful for all the people of Canada and especially for the black community.I like this very much.This is also a platform for the genius people of this community to show their talent.

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We are all genius in our own way. Don't forget about that.

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